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The olive trees are cultivated according to the strict rules of organic farming (EU Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008), which prohibits the use of chemical fertilizers (known contaminate water resources) and toxic pesticides (which are responsible for the increased cancers farmers and contaminate the oil with danger for the consumer). The culture is regulated by the Corinth Department of Agriculture and the selected arborist who examines it and amid chemical analysis, culminates in the final product.

    The olive harvest occurs during the months of November to January. Collecting olives is being done solely by hand "using scallops" in order not to injure trees. At the same time, the tree is being "sheared" to be relieved of the unnecessary branches and to be renewed for the following year.

    The oil is extracted "cold" (ie maximum temperature if 27°C, as required by the new EU regulation 1019-1002), to keep intact the flavor and all the nutrients.

    The oil is being formulated and then packaged in bottles and cans.

Packaging is being done in glass bottles of 250ml, the 500ml, 750ml and of the type 1 Lit Maraska, and Dorica.

The packaging in cans is being done for 5 Liter volumes.

The labels which are being attached to the bottles and cans in the inscriptions, appear in all languages (depending on the targeted market) with full details of the product (the source region, acidity, ingredients, expiration date, bar code, etc. ).

The product is very aromatic, with a distinctive dark green color, depending on the variety of olives, suitable for a balanced and healthy Mediterranean diet.

Contains only the varieties , and that give vivid green color with unique mild taste and fruity aroma with natural elements to positively affect the health and physical development especially in both children while soothing any pathological diseases and allergies teenagers - adults and seniors.

It is now proven that the consumption of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet, gives good health and longevity.

The extra virgin olive oil today, is being addressed domestically, to EU country markets (Germany, England, Ireland) as well as U.S. markets.

1 soup spoon of olive oil (15 ml = 14g) contains:



% daily recommended dose


121 kcal

6 %


0 g

0 %


0 g

0 %


0 g

0 %


0 g

0 %


14 g

21 %

Saturated fat

1,9 g

9 %

Monounsaturated fat

10 g


Polyunsaturated fat

1,4 g


Omega-6 fatty acids

1,3 g


Omega-3 fatty acids

104 mg



0 g

0 %

Vitamin E

2 mg

10 %

Vitamin K

8,2 µg